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1. The Admission that may be granted to the students will be provisional subject to approval of the Directorate of Technical Education, M.S. Mumbai.
2. Students while studying if found indulging in any anti-national activities contrary to the provision of Acts and Laws enforced by Government shall be     liable to be expelled from the institute without any notice by the Principal.
3. Candidates applying for admission against the seats reserved for Backwards Classes shall actually belong to the castes and communities specified      therein.
4. If any of the statement made in application form or any information supplied by the candidate in connection with his/ her admission is, at any time found to be false or incorrect, his/her admission will be cancelled, fees forfeited and he/she may be expelled from the institute by the Principal and prosecuted by Government, if deemed necessary. An appeal against the order of expulsion, however, may be preferred within eight days from the date of letter of expulsion to the Director of Technical Education whose decision in such cases will be final.
5. The candidate on admission shall be governed by rules of the institute and also by the disciplinary rules prescribed by the institute. No student will be allowed to appear for the annual Examination unless: I) He/ she have paid all dues.
II) He/she have completed all the practical record book duly checked and certified by the concerned;
III) He/ she have requisite percentage of attendance and
IV) He/she has submitted the clearance certificate.
6. Student must abide by the rules and regulations made by the institute/ RTM, Nagpur University Board of Technical Examination/Directorate of Technical Education/Pharmacy Council of India from time to time.
7. The Backward Class students shall produce a validity certificate from competent authority, wherever necessary.

  • Tuition fees                  As per Shikshan Shulka Samiti norms

  • Development fees       As per Shikshan Shulka Samiti norms

  • Other fees                   As per Shikshan Shulka Samiti norms


1. Student must be regular and punctual in attending classes and practical.
2. Terms may not be granted and a student may not be certified for the University/Board examination if his/her progress including the performance in Sessional, tests, regularity, conduct and attendance are not satisfactory.
3. Only such students who regularly and satisfactorily follow the course of study by attending not less than 75% of classes held in theory and practical separately of each subject shall be eligible for appearing for the concerned examination.